Not all types of earrings share the same qualities. There are some earrings that are made from inferior metals and these materials tend to irritate sensitive ears. Even with earrings made from expensive and high quality materials, there is still a chance that someone with sensitive ears will experience a reaction. However, if you do have sensitive skin, it is useful to know the types of sensitive earrings that can be worn safely.

Earrings Made of Metals

Most earrings today are made from metal of various types and quality. Some types of metals are more likely to trigger sensitivity issues than others. The most common type of metal that causes irritation is nickel and it is a good idea to avoid earrings made from this material. Pure gold and silver cause less irritation compared to nickel and many other metals. However, if wearing earrings made from gold and silver causes irritation, a person with sensitive ears may try wearing earrings that are made of titanium, platinum, or perhaps niobium. Earrings made from these materials can be more expensive but are more likely to be ideal for those with sensitive ears.


Plastic Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Plastic earrings are also great options for sensitive ears. While these sensitive earrings are commonly associated with chunky heart designs worn by children, there are now varied styles of plastic earrings created and made available for adults. Such plastic earrings are typically made from high grade plastic materials that will not irritate the sensitive ears. In fact, most plastic earrings are made from top quality medical plastics which are actually the same quality as those used to create medical sutures. Plastic earrings are perfect earrings for those people with moderate to severe metal sensitivity.

Trendy Wooden Earrings

Wooden earrings are another type that people with sensitive ears can make use of. This type of earring is classically made from kiln hardened wood and does not contain any varnish or other finishing materials. Varnish and other types of finishes are harmful to various sensitive skin types. Wooden earrings also come in varied designs and sizes.

Coating Earrings with a Hypoallergenic Barrier

Another option for people with sensitive ears would be to coat their earrings with a hypoallergenic barrier. This will allow them to wear their favorite metal earrings without having to worry about any sensitivity reactions. Moreover, there will also be no need to replace the earrings. These barriers are painted onto the earrings and once dry, they serve as a protective sheet between the metal and the skin which prevents any skin irritation.

Finding the Right Types of Earrings for Sensitive Ears

The above-mentioned types of earrings and how they affect the skin are important factors that need to be considered when choosing the right type of earring to wear. One should be able to determine by trial and error which types of earrings irritate the skin and which do not. Once the best type has been established the next thing to do is to start searching for the various designs and styles available at the local store and even online.