When your home starts to look drab and drafty, it may be time to install new vinyl siding. A siding contractor can come to your home, measure it out quickly and expertly, and provide you with an estimate of cost and material. Siding contractors have the experience behind them to know how to measure out a house to install vinyl siding, but in addition, they can guide you on all the details that go into siding installation.

There are many things that go into vinyl siding installation that homeowners do not recognize; j-channel, fanfold insulation, window and door wraps and even soffit and fascia are just a part of what goes into siding installation. The siding contractor will also spot any potential problems that as homeowners are often overlooked. Rotten wood under the eaves could spell potential trouble or bad wood behind old siding near windows and doors could mean potential leaking around the openings.

A licensed and insured professional siding contractor will be able to provide you with the best types of vinyl siding for your home and in a variety of different styles and colors that you cannot find at a ‘Big-box’ store. Though you can install vinyl siding by yourself, it is not recommended. Installing new vinyl siding on your home, or repairing vinyl siding that has become damaged due to weather, storms, or algae growth, requires the expertise and experience of a professional siding contractor to ensure that the job is done completely and properly to prevent future or hidden damage from surfacing in the future.


There are many benefits to installing new vinyl siding to your home that will show a payoff your first heating or cooling season. Vinyl siding increases the insulation value of your home and when installed will stop leaky drafts from around windows and doors. In many areas you may have noticed that green algae growing on the side of a house:; new vinyl siding now has an algae growth preventer so you do not need to spend your Saturday afternoons pressure washing your home. Instead, you can be enjoying your day bar-b-queuing.

An instant benefit is the increased value you will add to your home. Vinyl siding adds an immediate beauty and curbside appeal to your home that not only makes the neighbors envious, but gives you energy savings that will pay for the installation almost within the first year. By adding vinyl siding to your home, you are not only increasing the value of your home, but you are also preventing future damage to the wood that hides behind the siding. Old and damaged siding allows water and air to enter your home, causing wood to rot and heating and cooling bills to soar. Your siding contractor will find and eliminate these problems and provide you with a beautiful home for years to come.

The best time to get new vinyl siding is now. Your siding installation contractor can install vinyl siding anytime of the year and can quickly and efficiently transform your home into the envy of your neighbors.